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Country=USA / star=Michelle Dockery / Audience Score=28486 votes / / director=Guy Ritchie / Creator=Guy Ritchie. It was showing where he was taking the potential film to,showed the producer at Marimaz a copy of the script,that was funny when he jumped in the lift thinking he got away with it. hahahahahahaaaa and yes,this is guy richie through in through! its a must see for guy richie fans. Colin Farrell was one of the best parts this film was quality mate u have no idea what ur on about.

What the hell Cooper! Space drove you crazy. Got to love guys dialogues: alright fa hog. calm the fa hog down:D. I like getting punched at the end of all his reviews. I feel like if he doesnt punch me in the face at the end Im not sure if I just watched a review or not. Im actually happy about this video i think im gonna watch every single movie in this video big like. An absolute classic from Guy Richie and the cast. Hilariously funny and brilliant story telling.


I just saw the movie yesterday and all I have to say it's wow. This must is one of the biggest robberies the academy awards every did to an actor! Saying that Adam Sadler killed it it is an understatement. I'm a big Leonardo Di Caprio fan, but if LDC deserved a nomination for O.U.A.T.I.H. then we all do for, I don't know. Just being alive I guess. This was a robbery. Level 1 Knives Out still in the top 10 after 8 weeks? I don’t think anyone expected it to keep making money. Definitely deserved. level 2 Comment deleted by user 8 days ago ( More than 1 child) level 1 Did dolittle really hold that well? level 2 40% drop is not terrible but 13M isn’t good for the second weekend for a 175M production level 2 The friday number is quite good compared to the weekdays, it profits from being the only new family movie right now. That said, 13m for the whole weekend seems unrealistic with an 2, 7m friday - it would need like an 120% increase on saturday and only 30% drop on sunday, Deadline has it at 11m which should be the closer prediction. level 1 So The Turning will land in the Underwater ballpark after all. Still pretty underwhelming, but the budget is onle low-teens and they sold international rights already; shouldn't lose much. level 2 It will have much much worse legs level 1 Dolittle still at least outgrossed the original 1967 Dolittle and the Doctor Dolittles starring Kyla Pratt so i guess that is a small victory:p level 2 Dr Dolittle 3 (the one that starred Kyla Pratt) was straight to dvd so not that hard lol.

Hugh grant... I am impressed by that accent 👏🏻👏🏻. Ph cking excited. Watch [The Gentlemen] full movie download in hindi 720p. If Charlie went to a barber and got his beard cleaned up he'd look good asf. Hopefully someone makes a movie called “The Noun”. Man I just got out of sewing this at Village Cinemas at Crown and man I loved the film. Hugh Grant has me cracking up constantly and I loved Colin Farrell in this too. Really clever editing in the film and I love how snappy the dialogue is between characters. My only gripe is I'm gonna have to wait until next month to see it again. I too felt the ending could've been a little bit better but I'm not complaining too much as the film was a joy from start to finish. EDIT: Does anyone happen to know the name of the track during the opening credits? I've been trying to find it all night with no luck. This film had a great soundtrack and I can't wait until that track by the Toddlers drops too.

Hardly a day since the Birds Of Prey trailer came out and already talking shit about it. I swear when it comes with DC WC always have to start shit. Can you just wait until the movie came out. Level 1 2nd kid from the left will definitely grow up with a wider perspective on life. Maybe a future Neal Brennan type. level 2 That kid was me, everything changed when we left for middle school. level 1 I'm reminded of this at least once a month when someone reposts it. level 1 Why are most of them... man I thought the stereotype was a joke but it’s seriously a problem level 1 Good stuff. Important lessons. level 1 What happened to the dads? level 1 What a wonderful thing to do. There's no telling how much this hero has changed the future of these young men. level 1 I find it highly interesting, that the cliché is true... level 1 Amazing ppl like them teachers are truly making humanity great again level 1 I wish I had this when I was in elementary, even as a teenager I'm doing good but I still struggle. level 2 Or maybe it’s predominantly black area??

At times I wanted Adam to shot everyone except the person he interracted with at the moment. Interstellar: Gravity saves man kind The Gentlemen: Gravity kills poor guy. (Watch 'THE Online 'Live Stream Online) The Gentlemen me titra shqip. The What I was looking for.

Saw it on new years eve in Ireland and it was great. Now, if you've seen Snatch and Lock Stock, watch a One minute trailer for Gentlemen and you'll know exactly what you're in for. This is what Guy Ritchie does best. Is it mildly formulaic? Yes, but is it a fantastic watch? Yes! And I have to say, that's kind of the point when you're going to the big screen. In essence it's a story about a drug lord trying to get out, but can't, with all the classic Guy Ritchie antics along the way.
I've read some of the "critics" on this movie and find that once again they're completely off the mark when it comes to understanding what audiences want. The nearly all male cast was on point. We know Guy Richie doesn't write compelling female characters (circa Rock n' Rolla) so why waste your time - and what's wrong with "enticing a male-heavy demographic" The anti-woke jokes and witty dialogue were on point. The classic boxing ring side scene (and even the car trunk scene for that matter) proved this sentiment exactly - men cuss each other out of love, get over it - and was a much needed middle finger to today's socio-political environment (as other recent movies (The Joker) have also compellingly done so.) And finally, the spaghetti western meets London gangster ensemble was also on point. It is what he does best, so why fix something that isn't broken?
For the so-called critics and toffs too blind to see something deeper, look past the realistically played London yobbos and see snapshots portraying the very real London class and generational divide. Look past the slapstick humour and see the changing face of London portrayed through it's changing music, it's variety of faces, it's changing dress sense, it's issues with knife crime, the destruction of today's youth potential by hard narcotics, the story of a gym coach training disadvantaged youths to be better and see that a woman can run a successful high end car garage. The obligatory woke nod had to be there, but it didn't feel as such because it wasn't forced (MU EndGame or Rise of Skywalker) but actually relevant to- and impacting the storyline in significant ways.
Performances were fantastic bar a few minor accents fails, and although I was sceptical about Hugh Grant playing (gay? gangster I was very pleasantly surprised! I'm not sure the very British humour (including it's cuss words/phraseology) will be understood by those outside the UK but am sure it'll be the reason this movie gets poor ratings. I loved the Toddlers, their intro and names were hilarious as was their fighting, acting and portrayal within London today. I thoroughly enjoyed the Easter Eggs; the nod to Quentin Tarantino style camera/film pull-back and on-screen scribbling, the parody of poorly dubbed Chinese films, the visit to Miramax, and the moment when Michelle Dockery (who plays Rosalind) had her Will Smith style MIB deadly-pea-shooter moment were all just brilliant.
My only beef, a potential plot hole that came at the end, the shooting from the back of the van. How did they know where to be and who, how. Maybe I missed something, but that seemed like a hole that ruined the end for me.
Overall, a definite return to form. Classic Guy Richie story, done well, modernised, with a peppering of just the right amount of anti-woke and British humour to make you laugh from start to finish.
Even my very "proper" wife enjoyed it.

| Sheila O'Malley January 24, 2020 Guy Ritchie's "The  Gentlemen " plays like a tall tale, a yarn heard at the corner pub, filled with exaggerations and embellishments, where the storyteller expects you to pay his bar tab at the end. And maybe you won't mind doing so. The narrator here is a conniving unscrupulous private detective (redundant adjectives, perhaps) named Fletcher ( Hugh Grant), who glories in all he knows about the intersecting criminal-drug-lord elements operating in England, and sets out to blackmail... everyone... with a screenplay he's written, where he lays it all out, naming names. Fletcher's screenplay is called "BUSH, " bush, in this case, a euphemism for "marijuana, " this being an incredibly complicated tale about the "turf war" in the marijuana business: everyone knows legalization is coming, and fast. The end days are nigh. The "bush" double entendre is also present, just for the chuckles factor, and gives you an idea of the overall tone. Advertisement The players on board are an American named Mickey Pearson ( Matthew McConaughey), who sees an opportunity in the languishing English aristocracy, sitting in their dilapidated manors dreaming of the good old " Downton Abbey " days. Mickey swoops in and cuts deals with "the toffs" in exchange for being allowed to grow marijuana on the property. Speaking of "Downton Abbey, " Mickey is married to Roz ( Michelle Dockery, aka "Lady Mary" in "Downton Abbey"), a "Cockney cleopatra" (in Fletcher's words), who runs an auto body shop with only women mechanics. (More could be made of Roz and her business. It's fascinating, the glimpse we get. ) Mickey loves his wife, and is ready to retire from the weed business. Two rivals emerge as potential buyers: an American Jewish billionaire ( Jeremy Strong) and a Chinese-Cockney gangster named Dry Eye ( Henry Golding). The wild card is Colin Farrell's "Coach, " an Irish guy who runs a boxing club, who keeps insisting he's not a gangster, although he behaves consistently in gangster-ish ways. Mickey's right-hand man is Ray (Charlie Hunnan), a mild-mannered man who looks like a desk clerk until you see him in action. Then he's terrifying. The " gentlemen " of the title is clearly meant sarcastically. How all of this fits together is almost wholly in the hands of Hugh Grant, who gives an extraordinary performance, considering the circumstances. The script, which Ritchie co-wrote with Ivan Atkinson and Marn Davies, plays around with all the genre tropes, but the overriding structure is Fletcher "pitching" his script—of these so-called real life events—to an increasingly horrified Ray. Fletcher is a parasite, one of those tabloid "writers" who loves to be "in" on things, who sees people and their reputations as disposable, who adores explaining how much he knows, how much he has captured with his bazooka-sized telefoto lens. This "pitch" goes on for the entirety of the film, and so as scenes unfold, with Grant narrating them, it is as though the scenes emanate from Fletcher's imagination, when in reality we are seeing what really happened. Or are we? Fletcher is far from reliable. The entire script of "The  Gentlemen " is really, then, a script within a script, and this is its ace in the hole. There's always one layer between us and the characters. I could have lived without the running jokes about "funny-sounding names" (it's " Sixteen Candles "' "Long Duk Dong" all over again), and I could have lived without the scene where a rape is threatened. The Jewish billionaire speaks in a stereotypically “gay” way (no other way to say it, he might as well be lisping), and the anti-Semitic stereotype is all over the place. Maybe that’s the point, but it's a tired point. There's much that is legitimately funny in "The  Gentlemen " and much that is legitimately disturbing. These things felt motiveless and cheap. Although he has always been very very good, something exciting has been happening with Hugh Grant in the last couple of years. As he's moved into another age bracket, and out of affable self-deprecating Leading Man status, a formidable character actor has risen. As a character actor, his options broaden, and Grant has been taking full advantage. The one-two punch of " Paddington 2 " and "A Very English Scandal"—coming out in the same year—is a perfect example. Grant was using all of these other acting muscles he normally hadn't been asked to use, and it has been thrilling to watch. And he's thrilling here, in a role which is mostly, let's face it, exposition. It's one long monologue. But you're riveted by him. There's one moment where he puts his hand on Hunnam's knee, realizes it's an unwelcome touch, that he's been busted at inappropriate groping, and he then goes into this wild pop-eyed, "Oopsie #sorrynotsorry" facial expression. It had me on the floor. It's my favorite kind of humor, character-based, behavior-based. Because Grant is so singularly entertaining, and so broad (and yet connected) in his characterization and line readings ("There'll be blood and fucking feathers everywhere, darling, " he croons with relish), he acts as his own gravitational force. Mickey Pearson may be the lead, but it's Fletcher who gets the last word. Reveal Comments comments powered by.

Definitely a return to form for Guy Ritchie, this film felt closer to the likes of Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels and Snatch. First to this trailer. Here's my one-sentence review: I couldn't follow some of it but I didn't care because it was really fun A. I cnt wait 2 see. Why i allways hear Time is a flat circle when Mcconaughey speaks. This was actually alright. Funny lines from mr grant 😂.

Any of you boys seen an aircraft carrier around here. The Medal of Honor is the highest recognition of military valor there is. Wait. not the Purple Heart. What a POS movie.


This is Guy Ritchie going back to his roots, it's like updated version of Snatch or Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, not that good like them, but close. If there is a 'most stressful movie' award, 100% this movie will win it. I think Matthew has a crush on Charlie, always complimenting and flirting. Yeeeah, not sure about this. I'll watch it, but I'm going in with zero expectations because it looks naff asf. I am a simple man, I see Matthew McConaughey, I click.

So a movie with 50% of my favorite male leads in it? SOLD. Terms of Use Privacy Policy MPA Credits Film Ratings MOVIE PLATFORM © 2020 POWSTER © 2019 STX FINANCING, LLC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. © 2020 Coach Films UK Ltd. Motion Picture Artwork ©2019 STX Financing, LLC. All Rights Reserved. Several aren't movies, most don't even have the titles and lets hope these aren't the best otherwise I'm binning my tv.


The Gentlemen
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