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Genre - Drama / In Hong Kong, China, grumpy pastry chef Lee is losing his sight because of eye disease. People around him have always wanted to help him, but he has repeatedly refused people's help. Until a guide dog named littleQ came to him, Lee gradually adapted and fell in love with the guide dog, the two of them rely on each other until littleQ died of cancer / Runtime - 107 Min / writers - Susan Chan / country - China / เพราะจัง. Akhirnya ku tonton juga, dimana-mana selalu ada iklan ini wkwk. I'm impressed with feng lie character bc he doesn't try to force his feelings. In certain dramas characters like his dont even like the FL they just like the thought to being with them.

Watch full xiao quarter. Watch Full xiao ting. Watch Full xiao mei. The Journey of Xiao Tao: With 366 Most Frequently Used Chinese Idioms to... - Yisheng Lan - Google Books "Ferocious. Heinous. Overbearing. If you talk about this man those are the words that you would use to describe him. " Featuring Yujiro Hanma. In this manga series there are plenty of people who could probably beat your favorite street tier character. You have people who dedicated their entire 150 years of life to perfecting martial arts. Legendary swordsmen who can cut armored vehicles in half with their swords. Cavemen who used their brute strength to murder the shit out of massive dinosaurs. Even people who were created with the sole purpose of defeating a single character. Literally none of this matters in front of the strongest creature in history, Yujiro Hanma. The day this man was born every single thing on earth went down one notch in strength. His physical might is so great that even the United States' entire military is underneath him. He had the single goal of becoming stronger than the entirety of the planet earth in raw power and he has completed that goal. The only true enemy that Yujiro Hanma has at this point is boredom of having no challenge, much like a certain bald headed fellow. There is no real back story for Yujiro Hanma that I could go in depth about. The best I could offer you is that we see Yujiro being born. And it's about as much as you'd expect. Yujiro was born to be the strongest thing on earth and what we can garner from his daddy and his son it kind of runs in the family. TLDR: This guy is the strongest guy ever! PERIOD! Strength Stops an earth quake with only a single punch. Alright, so this feat is included more for it's iconic status rather than an actual showcase of his abilities. It's pretty obviously an outlier unless you take statements. Yujiro up and chops this guy's face off with a single hit. With a single punch Yujiro shatters the concrete floor of a sizeable fighting ring. While in an "inescapable hold" Yujiro shows his technical prowess and just shoves his hand through solid ground to punch his son so he can get out. Yujiro sends a guy flying quite a considerable distance with a single punch. Durability Yujiro is standing on a bridge and is struck by lightning. He isn't even phased. Yujiro falls down from the top of a sky scraper onto a van and he immediately gets up. In a feat I like very much, Baki describes what it's like to hit Yujiro in the face. Gets kicked through multiple walls and all it did was give him a smile. Yujiro just stands there and gets hit full force in the neck by Miyamoto "Memesashi" and it only penetrates about an inch. Speed Yujiro catches an arrow from a bow with a draw strength of 200 kilograms. Before it even leaves the string at that. In a pool with waters that go up to 26 miles per hour Yujiro has no trouble swimming. He even swims using the most difficult stroke, the butterfly. Yujiro moves a considerable distance faster than a person can see despite looking right at him. He just up and punches faster than sound. According to the narrator Yujiro could dodge lightning if he wanted. Skill So instead of more esoteric feats I'll instead look at Yujiro's specific skills. They're all pretty solid though. Udonde: A defensive technique passed down to the eldest sons of the Ryukyu royal family. It appears to be a simple stroll but in reality it is a stance with no openings. Xiao Lee: Another defensive technique, although a lot better than Udonde. Xiao Lee is the complete relaxation of a person's body to completely minimize damage onto a person, much like a feather flowing in the wind. Not only that, Retsu claims he mastered it by just looking at it once. Ultimate Senses: Technically not a skill but it is notable. At first glance Yujiro is capable of analyzing all the weaknesses of a person down to the microscopic level. This extends to multiple people at the same time as well. Benda: The mercury whip. A technique that allows it's user to damage a foe almost regardless of their durability by attacking something equally as strong between us all, the skin. The pain is described as so intense that the body would rather die than endure it. Dress: The same technique that Yujiro's daddy used to solo the United States Military. That's right, he only needed one technique. It needs to be seen to be believed but to put it bluntly? He's using you as human nunchaku. The Demon Alright, so Yujiro possesses a technique that makes the previous five look like windmill arms in comparison. After fighting in war using only his bare hands Yujiro had the face of a demon imprinted on his back. A demon that only the strongest of warriors get to see before Yujiro devours them. The first time we see this is when Yujiro fights Doppo Orochi. A fight that was a good back and forth between the two combatants was quickly turned into a murder in Yujiro's favor. The next time is when he fights 150 year old master of chinese martial arts, Kaku Kaioh. He calls it the natural born fighter structure. Of course, Yujiro can take this a step further. When he truly wants to kill you Yujiro can make the demon face cry much to the horror of those watching. Essentially, the Demon Back means that Yujiro isn't fucking around with you anymore and odds are he wants to kill you. Badassery Alright, you can't mention Yujiro Hanma without mentioning how badass he is. So I thought I'd include his most notable displays. Yujiro makes a woman's clothes fly off her body by simply looking at her. NSFW obviously. You know how I mentioned how Yujiro has those good ass techniques? Well he doesn't need them. They're all just circus bullshit made up by "you people" which in this case means everyone except Yujiro. Two trained military guards just start beating the shit out of themselves because Yujiro was about to attack them so that he won't. He's the strongest. That's it. * The true ultimate technique Alright, I know that I said the demon face is the ultimate technique but that's nothing compared to this. What I can safely say as the strongest technique in fiction belongs to Yujiro. Now behold, it's awesome might. Using Yujiro on Who Would Win Well, there is a TAD problem with using Yujiro on Who Would Win and that's that we haven't seen his true power just yet. Although we do know that he can be hurt so it's not like he's unusable so you might want to go by the Saitama rule of feats only. Either way, Yujiro is a strong brick who is quite fast along with insane skill. Check out his full RT for more feats.

Watch Full xiao hui. Watch full xiao question. Watch full xiao qatar. I think i am the only one who came here everyday to listen his voice 🤧. Watch full xiao quilt. Watch full xiao quilts. 我真希望有小新這種弟弟. 我超级心疼小Q!希望以后在中国也可以看到 导盲犬在路上 陪伴着需要他们的人.也希望大家可以尊重和疼爱狗狗,不要一时兴起 养狗,然后不喜欢又偷偷的丢弃!其实狗狗要的并不多,只是你的陪伴和爱! 最后谢谢宇哥的推荐,这是一部值得珍藏和回味的好片子. Watch full xiao quickly. First comment ✨. Watch full xiao que. This is amazing after japenglish. I remembered when it was during Chinese New Year. I went back to my hometown. Then I heard someone singing this song in the mall. I went back and type whatever I heard and found this song. No regrets.

浮梦换成 我死. 2020誰還在聽呢? 按讚. I really like the song🎶🌻🌵. Watch Full xiao xiao. This is my favorite song of all Untamed ost. WWX expresses his deep love and his precious life turning into rumors. He “fought a beautiful person of gusu but never a matter of life and death” the best love scene in my imagination... Watch Full Xiao q.t.r. Watch full xiao quan. Watch full xiao queen. Watch full xiao quartz. Watch full xiao qu. Watch Full Xiao q u e. Such a beautiful rendition of guide dogs. I have seen them with their owners in the train stations and outside on the roads. Such tremendous sacrifice. Such amazing kindness and overwhelming love. Incapable of humans, ever.

這部教育片不錯, 台灣政府應該好好學習, 政府官員不能每天都想著混吃等死

Watch Full Xiao q u. Honestly, I have seen at least 5 of the same damn post on different peoples' IG stories and it's starting to trigger me when I have friends who are starting to get scared going out at night simply because of this. Let's be honest, if you're below the age of 18, and you're walking home alone, of course you should be scared. Why? Because although Singapore is relatively safe, there are still maniacs out there roaming the streets, so there's still that very small chance that something bad will actually happen to you. However, I find it extremely retarded when you go ahead and start telling everyone to "watch your mouth and movements" as if this had to be emphasized to any human being with a decent sized brain. Don't go asking for trouble if you're not able to deal with the consequences. Furthermore, this supposed "gang" news is literally asking for racial tensions between the races of our country. "If you see a group of malays, walk the other way, it might seem odd or racist at first but it's better safe than sorry". Is this not blatantly supporting the discrimination of the malays in our society? Does this mean if I see a group of abangs eating near me I should sit away in fear of them beating me up? It's 2019 people, wake the hell up. And if you're one of the people who are sharing posts about this, please do the right thing. Delete them. These posts are able to incite fear into the people who know less, and cause hatred among our fellow Singaporeans. And for the love of god, if you think you're protecting your loved ones by spreading these in your whatsapp family chats, you are very wrong. You're just causing mass panic within your family. Next time, use your skills learnt in SS and cross refer to a reputable news site like the straits times before sending fake shit into your groups. If you really do think that this gang in Singapore is suddenly becoming active, raping women and beating people up, you will also have nothing to fear. We have a gang known as 999 that will get rid of them in less than 24 hours, hopefully by then this whole fiasco will just fade. All in all, I'm pretty sure the little shit that started all this is just somebody who has too much time on their hands, who is craving for attention from the general public. For those who have chosen to post about it as well, although I'm disappointed, I hope you've learnt your lesson. But honestly, inb4 this shit actually be real LOL. Stay safe guys <3 xoxo your friendly neighbourhood lurker edit: This got more attention than I thought it would, but it's honestly quite sad to still see people reposting the same damn image on IG for those out of the loop and are super fomo let the xiao di di here explain to you the story as simply as possible posts like these have been circling around the internet and into whatsapp group chats and IG stories In hindsight, the average person would immediately be able to tell that this is obviously fake as hell, but the aunties, uncles, xiao di di and xiao mei mei who see it believe otherwise, which has led to this huge fiasco about the gangs in Singapore starting to rape women and become active in certain areas. Gotta admit though, the guy that started this mess really exploited the fact that most of our country is full of gullible people who seriously need to start reading up on real news more often instead of the shit they see on facebook. I like how our government is always pushing for the fake news battle, telling people how to look out for them and reporting them ( haven't yall seen the same damn ad on the MRT all the time as well? ) but most people usually dismiss it as they feel like it's something they already know very well about or its common sense. Can you imagine the mass hysteria that could happen within our country if the warning wasn't about gangs and was changed to terrorists? This is literally the reason why the government chooses to push their agenda against fake news so strongly so that our country doesn't fall into silly shit like this, but it seems like that's too much to ask for. Honestly though, the person who started to spread this shit really just proved that the government should be doing more to educate people about fake news. And for those who asked what the purpose of this post is, well idk maybe so that when people question the reliability of the source and cross refer by using a simple google search maybe they will come across this post and will think twice before posting the warning into their family group chat? edit 2: Thank you kind strangers for the gold and silver!

You were already cutie, and now even youre even cuter with that new hair 🙂. 希望有更多的人能够接纳导盲犬. Watch Full Xiao quiz. Watch full xiao qing ge. Shitttt this is soo funny 😂😂😂 That old man walked off his wheel chair I can't OMG. We all wish this could happen to us someday 😔 We fall in love with a hot girl or boyfriend😀. Watch full xiao qing. Watch full xiao queens. Beautiful translation!真的翻译的好👍. 5 possible reasons why are you here: 1. You're interested 2.a fan of her 3.a fan of him EKHYUN.

Watch Full xiao wei. I remember seeing this movie when it came out. Wanpeng😍❤. The music is cheerful and mellow while the lyrics are so sorrowful and sad, just like Wei Wuxian, keeping a beautiful and happy smile on his face, nobody, not even Lan Zhan and his dear brother Jiang Chen could understand the anguish and pain he went through. 😍♥️♥️♥️🤗😊. Watch Full xiao zhu. Watch full xiao quick. Muy interesante, gracias por subtitular 😉. Watch Full Xiao q r. 12 :16 am in Canada and I am watching a drama at this time I might sleep at 4: 00 am and wake up at 8:30.

I decided to condense all my spread out thoughts and posts on Lucien into a similar post like I did for Gavin. For those who have read my other posts, there's gonna be overlap but I hope I bring up interesting points here too! Includes content up to Chapter 18. Plus some calls, dates, and ASMR in CN server. Again, like Gavin's post, I'm going to be using JP and CN as sources (so don't be alarmed if quotes are different). First, it's safe to say that Lucien's character is the most polarizing out of the four men and I believe this is due in large part to cultural differences and how the localization handled that. Putting aside my constant harping about subtleties being dropped, u/hecate137 's comments in the Speech Quirks post was enlightening about an aspect I didn't consider, which is Lucien's "social class". Face, social status, rank, and hierarchy are, and still is, very important to Chinese culture. Easy examples people can relate to are respecting elders and the prestige of being a doctor, banker, lawyer, etc. But I can't stress enough the reverence that is given to these "high" social statuses. How this applies to Lucien is that he comes from a lineage of literati that would place him as someone in an upper class status, in addition to his own achievements. [Lucien] was born from a scholarly family. His parents were highly talented and leading researchers. In the eyes of the public, [Lucien] is a young and remarkable neurologist and a guest professor at [Loveland] University. He is serious and persistent towards his scientific research, which is how he's obtained extraordinary achievements. At 26 years old, he has already obtained achievements that most people wouldn't get in a lifetime. There is no other word better to describe him than "genius". [ CN Profile Translation] The English definition of literati leads you to intellectuals, but this doesn't carry the weight and history of how literati, or basically scholar-officials, were people appointed by the emperor to carry out day-to-day duties and to help govern the country. I guess the equivalent would be a noble who carries out noblesse oblige. Cultured people with scholarly achievements were very respected in historical China and also acted as role models for the common people. So, going back to Lucien, because we're in modern times and he doesn't have an overtly obvious title (to those not in his field of work) he just comes off as a gentle, unassuming, humble, scholar with an air of sophistication and professionalism from his background. Think of a noble, without any airs. This is reflected in his polite and modest speech [see: Speech Quirks, and my mentions about how he's never described as smirking until it comes to being Ares, and even that's debatable as to whether it's cold smiles and sneering over smirking]. Not to mention all the descriptions about his elegance and refinement. Heck, he even has a Chinese tea ceremony set in his room, including the tools to make tea [CN "In His World" Event]. Lucien's classiness, for a lack of a better word, also emphasizes the purposeful contrast of seeing him do common, mundane things. Like watching cartoons to understand humans better [CN Profile]. It's like how Victor, with his more understandable poshness from his riches, would be contrasted with mundane things. But, if we were looking for another analogy, Lucien would be old elegance and Victor would be nouveau elegance. Anyway, Lucien also has another trait given to him that's a classic in female-oriented Chinese media and that's being a "black belly; 腹黑". For those who are more familiar with Japanese, it's basically the same word as "haraguro; 腹黒". Black bellies are people who act nice and unassuming on the outside, but they're sly and manipulative (and at times cruel) on the inside or in secret to other people. Essentially, they're two-faced but while English has a negative connotation with this word it's normal and accepted in Asia (likely because of the concept of face). The majority of male leads in Chinese novels are all black bellies. BTW, the origin of the word comes from how you only notice their black belly after you're eaten up by them LOL. So, how this works in female-oriented media is... well, there's many combinations. For example, they can be nice to everyone, including the heroine, but secretly vicious against those who hurt the heroine. Or they're nice in public, but show their sly cunning to the heroine. Mix it however you want! They also like to tease the heroine in all sorts of ways, like leading them into verbal traps to see them flustered. There's some crossover with black bellies being abusive, cruel, or yandere towards their heroine, but it's not necessary for black bellies to be like that. Just think of these as being Venn diagram circles with overlap [example of a sweet black belly is Xiao Nai from the Chinese drama LoveO2O, also a novel]. Returning to the main topic, you can easily see how this applies to Lucien. He's nice and elegant... except for when he's not. It's how he can have this gentle and refined air, but then turn around and be a massive flirt and tease with the heroine (flashing his black belly). Then he goes and turns completely black when he's Ares LOL. Now, after giving background on Lucien's character archetype, let's move onto my other sections. man of juxtapositions I wanted to call this section "man of contradictions" at first, but then I thought that might mislead people. Basically, this is all about how Lucien is a man of dualities. [Main Story 13-22] The scarred man describes Ares as being the only person who can be trusted in BS, and yet Ares doesn't hesitate to go against Hades and incapacitate him. I'd argue that this places a wrench in BS' operations, so there goes being the most trustworthy person in BS (although, granted, BS sounds like they're a writhing mess of people with their own thoughts and ideas about how it should be run). Lucien is a gentle teacher to MC, patient and taking the time to explain concepts she doesn't understand or provide novel ideas to her; however, he also gives her the worst betrayal and you can almost call this the harshest of lessons. For all his image of being an intellectual scholar, as I've mentioned in the previous section, Lucien is surprisingly "physical". [CN Archery Date] shows that he's ripped and knows a taxing sport like archery, and in [Main Story 16-22] he straight up kills the goons with ice shards (even if it's in a mental arena). [Main Story 8-23 & 9] bombards you with light and shadow descriptions. Actually, this imagery follows Lucien everywhere but it's most prominent in these chapters. He's always standing at the intersection of light and shadow, or light shines down on one of his sides but casts the other in shadow. [Main Story 9-14] I will be forever salty for Elex dropping the ball here, but Lucien's eyes are described to contain a sense of humanness and life. Then, in [Main Story 12-22] he is described to have an expression lacking any emotion and human warmth. Human descriptions contrasted with inhuman descriptions. Mm, you just have to love delicious juxtapositions and how it emphasizes his duality of being both Lucien and Ares. Two sides of the same coin. Once again, I didn't want to call these contradictions because I don't believe one of these negates the other. It's like how we code switch in different scenarios. You can be a nice person, but vicious when your bottom line is crossed. These sides of Lucien don't overturn the core of his character or his through line: loving the MC, ruthlessly ambitious for the sake of his goals, and naturally gentle (shown in the way he treats animals and people not in the way of his goal). But, if you do insist on seeing one side of these as lies, then Lucien once said: "Besides, lies have just as much power as the truth. The true nature of things can be indirectly reflected in the world of lies [... ] It is because these lies exist, that one can get closer to the truth. " [Main Story 12 Call: Truth and Fiction] reversing "good" imagery I haven't been quiet at all about how much I love the evocative imagery Lucien gets, but an interesting thing I've noticed is how "positive" imagery is twisted into "negative" imagery when it comes to him. It's brilliant. [Main Story 13-8] MC leaves the building, after interviewing the elevator Evolver man with Lucien, and dazzling light shines down on her, yet she can't feel the slightest bit of warmth. This chapter literally sets up Lucien's reveal as Ares through positive imagery turned negative. Not to mention warmth disappears into coldness. In [Midnight Date] there's a rope with thorns tightening around Lucien's heart. In [True Love Date] there is a delicate rope tightening around his heart. I will eat my shoe if this isn't a reference to the red string of fate that binds him and MC together. But, as you can see, it's causing him all the suffering in the world. [Main Story 13-19] Iridescent, the pen, was given to MC and she ends up using it to threaten her own life. Not only is it Lucien's symbol of love (more on this later) but pens aren't supposed to be violent weapons. There's the saying that pens are mightier than the sword, because pens write down ideas that are supposed to convince people peacefully. So, a symbol of something non-physical and literary is now a physical weapon of violence and force. [Main Story 8-23] Lucien tucks MC's hands back under the blanket when she's in the hospital, but MC describes a "cold sensation" touching her before she sees that it's his hands. So, Lucien has bad circulation or low temperature. Normally, in otome games, the men are supposed to have warm hands (encourages feelings of security, safety, etc. ). [Main Story 9-18] also talks about how Lucien's fingertips are freezing, but this is probably more because of the context of the scene. To be honest, I'm iffy on the last two points about cold hands because it's a common description I see in Chinese novels, where the male lead is described with a cool temperature or cool breath. So, it sort of sounds like it can be a positive descriptor? Of course, there's also male leads who run hot to show how passionate they are LOL. Or maybe cool descriptions are used to emphasize a character's rationality but when things get hot and heavy they start to burn in temperature and it's supposed to make you go "OOH! HE'S LOSING CONTROL! " or something. In any case, Lucien being of cold temperature is a distinct thing because Gavin is generally described with warm temperatures (because he's a hotblooded military man). The only time I can recall Gavin having a cool description given to him is the tip of his nose in his birthday date, but come on the nose is the extremity of extremities! Lastly, Lucien also needs a special mention for this point: [Main Story 16-22] The opposite happens here with imagery reversion. Death, normally a frightening concept, is flipped to be a good thing. To escape Lucien's dream you need to die. Dying is another way to live. symbolism First, I think it's interesting to note that despite Lucien being a "villainous" character and having all this light and shadow imagery (metaphor for his inner conflict), he's ultimately described with light. He has spatial and solidifying light (? ) powers that manifest as white light rather than dark shadows. It's also cute that he shows his two sides with his WHITE lab coat or his BLACK trench coat. Second, water is pretty much THE imagery to go to for enlightened, virtuous, and refined people. Heck, Lao Tzu in Tao Te Ching, a fundamental text for philosophical and religious Taoism, connects water with 7 virtues: Dwelling with the right location: water goes to the lowest point, thus a humble person should emulate this. Arrogant people always try to go to the top. Feeling with great depth: truly virtuous people are like deep pools of water. You can't see everything about them at first, but as you get to know them it's like discovering a treasure and this should encourage you to cultivate depth in yourself too. Giving with great kindness: rivers flow across the land nourishing everything in its way; once it's done its work it moves on without waiting for praise or recognition. This is the virtue of unconditional kindness. Speaking with great integrity: water, when calm and undisturbed, reflects its surroundings perfectly and so should people reflect the truth with the same degree of accuracy. Governing with great administration: water benefits everyone equally, because water doesn't pass judgment on anyone. Give everyone the same level of basic courtesy. Handling with great capability: water has great versatility and nothing can block its way; it can flow to the left, right, under, over, etc. It's also not limited to just its regular form and can be steam or ice. Moving with great timing: summer rains never fall in winter, and winter rains never fall in summer. Water demonstrates there is a time for everything and that everything can occur in its own time. Remember how I said scholar-officials in historical China are basically like role models and nobles who help govern the people under the emperor with noblesse oblige? This is why scholar characters go hand in hand with water imagery, because it's supposed to emphasize their virtuousness. So, because Lucien is a scholar-type character, the same goes for him. He has SO MUCH water imagery going on for him, and it carries the above weight behind it. I've probably missed some, but here's a list of the ones I can recall: [Main Story 9-11] MC falls asleep on the bus and, as Lucien watches her, the emotions in his eyes are like swelling ocean tides at night. [Main Story 9-14] MC's dream about Lucien has her falling into an ocean. [Main Story 9-22] MC ends up in Lucien's memories about the accident that killed his parents and it's raining. [Main Story 11-6] Lucien brings MC Chinese bellflowers and MC feels that they're fragile, as if the petals are thin ice that'll break if she touches them. [Main Story 13-4] Lucien's voice is like the morning fog evaporating in the sunlight. [Main Story 13-8] During their talk about MC wanting to continue her investigation, calm waves drift in Lucien's dark eyes. [Main Story 13-19] This is tangentially related to Lucien because these descriptions apply to the MC, but it happens after the Ares reveal. She feels like she got pushed into an ice cave, she feels like she's drifting in an ocean, and when she thinks about Lucien her memories overwhelm her like a flood and she feels like she's going to drown. [Main Story 16-16] Lucien gets to kill Hades' goons with a copied ice ability. The writers didn't have to give the goons an ice ability; they could have had metal powers, or fire powers, but nope it was water-related. Third, Lucien also has a lot of flower language going for him. Technically, the other guys have flowers and plants associated with them too (for example, Gavin with white lilies and gingko leaves), but I think Lucien gets more LOL. [Main Story 9-14] Red spider lilies appear in MC's dream about Lucien. These mean sad memories, mutual longing, separation, graceful purity, beauty of death, endless love, a precursor to death, and a call to the netherworld. The sadness and mutual longing is because the flowers and leaves of spider lilies can never touch; meanwhile, their relation to death is because they bloom punctually around the autumn equinox when people sweep graves. [Main Story 11-6] Lucien gives the MC Chinese bellflowers, which bloomed out of season, when she's at the hospital. These mean eternal love, sincerity, yearning, or hopeless love. The reason for this double meaning is because Chinese bellflowers represent happiness, but only some people can seize their happiness while others miss it, are unable to grasp it, or are unable to keep it. [Blossom Event] Lucien gifts a gardenia to MC, which is called Garda. In Chinese, gardenias mean tenacious, eternal love, waiting for you for a lifetime, and our love. [Blossom Date] Lucien and MC go look at peach blossoms together. Not only do they quote a poem all about a bride serving her clan, groom's clan, and her groom (including having abundant fruit if you know what I mean), peach blossoms themselves mean being a captive of love. [Under the Mistletoe SSR] Mistletoe, duh. Normally, I'd look at Chinese flower language but they're clearly using the common meaning of mistletoe: love and enduring love to those who kiss under it. Plus, if you refuse a kiss beneath it then you'll get bad luck LOL. [CN Promise You a Lifetime SSR] Lucien's wedding card has wisteria in the background. In China, it means intoxicating love, dependence, born for love and dying for love, obsessed with you, the happiest moment, and indulging in love. [CN Beautiful Springtime SSR] Lucien's flower card, but I can't find a consensus on what the flowers are. Some people think its oleander but they only bloom in summer and fall when the card is about being in the springtime. Oleanders mean a curse and to watch out for danger though. I personally think they're apple blossoms (blooms early spring and summer) and they mean "trap". Apple blossoms are so beautiful people want to eat them, but their body is poisonous. People represented by this flower look loyal and honest on the outside, but they're sharp and have a thorny tongue. Those who get too close risk being stabbed and only smart people will find their viciousness interesting LOL. Come on, it's totally not a coincidence that all of Lucien's flower symbolism is just a neon sign about how in love he is with the MC. Eternal love is repeated like a billion times. The only odd one out is his flower card, but it still suits his character: Under his elegant and gentle face, there hides an inexplicable dark side which is the most deadliest poison. [CN Profile Translation] Lastly, Lucien has a fox as his animal representative. Foxes are pretty much universally associated with being tricksters, masters of illusions, and cunning. It's amusing because, in Asian folklore, they also like to transform into beauties and seduce people to consume them. Sometimes, the nine-tailed fox is associated with auspiciousness though! [Official CN Animal Figures] Lucien is a fox, Gavin is a dog, Victor is a cat, and Kiro is a bear. [CN Dream Flower SSR] Lucien's West Moon card shows him as a fox demon and scholar. [Main Story 9-14] Lucien quotes the fox's line from "The Little Prince" and MC imagines seeing a fox bounding through the wheat fields too. I think people can see why foxes are so fitting for Lucien but I also want to add that, despite me going on about how virtuous scholars are, in order for scholars to survive the swamp of politics in court, these scholar-officials needed to be extremely sly and cunning and it's actually a good thing to be a "wily fox". In fact, in Chinese novels, usually the honest and genuine characters are... not the main characters and they reach a tragic end or, if they are main characters, they have to be protected by other cunning leads because good-natured people cannot survive in a mortal world filled with greedy people and their materialistic desires. (Laughs hollowly at how all my honest military men biases die horrible deaths or get ruined because of this blunt personality. ) Hey, check it out, with Lucien's historical Qixi card, [CN Vermilion Lip SSR], and his West Moon card, there's two explicit references to how he's the scholar character. stories of you and me Now, Lucien brings up three major stories throughout the game in various places. First, there's "The Little Mermaid": [The Little Mermaid ASMR] I was on the fence as to whether Lucien relates himself to the Prince or the Little Mermaid, but now I think he's the Little Mermaid. He's different from humans but longs for them and wants an eternal soul. [Overseas Date] Here we learn that Lucien can't yet understand the Little Mermaid's selfless, brave, and devoted love (sorry, but you're way too insatiable, my dear) however he finds himself understanding her last choice. That he can continue loving someone despite the pain they bring him (the Little Mermaid's pain every time she uses her legs). It's, uh, pretty somber that the version Lucien has in his head is the Andersen one where the Little Mermaid dies. He also ends the story there and doesn't add the part where she turns into a daughter of air and still has a chance to get a soul after 300 years to go to the Kingdom of God. Second, there's "The Little Prince" and its a damn good reference. So, this book is actually MC's favorite book and it's about a little prince who raises a rose on his planet, B612, and falls in love with the rose. But he catches the rose in a lie and gets hurt and, even though they reconcile, he leaves the planet to go on a journey. On the Little Prince's journey he meets all sorts of people with obsessions and learns life lessons through them, but the most important one he learns is how to love his rose. He crashes down to earth though and meets the person he tells his story to (thus creating this story), but before the Little Prince can return to his planet he gets bitten by a poisonous snake and that's it. The narrator likes to think the Little Prince made it back to his planet and rose though. I think [Sound of Silence SSR Call: The Little Prince] is where Lucien mentions the story first (in the game's chronology) and how it's the MC's favorite book. He compares her directly to being the Little Prince and how she's growing like the Little Prince through her experiences. (I have a crack theory that MLQC's story could actually mirror this somewhat, especially about MC learning the meaning of love and how that'll save the world LOL. ) In [Sound of Silence SSR Call: Beautiful Moonlight] there's another mention to the Little Prince where Lucien asks if she can find B612, the Little Prince's home planet. They both hope the Little Prince made it back home. In [Main Story 9-14], like I mentioned above, Lucien quotes the fox's line and it goes: "The grain, which is also golden, will bring me back the thought of you. And I shall love to listen to the wind in the wheat". However, let me explain the context and show the full quote. So, the Little Prince meets a fox in his journey and the fox tells the Little Prince to tame him to "establish ties": "Just that, " said the fox. "To me, you are still nothing more than a little boy who is just like a hundred thousand other little boys. And I have no need of you. And you, on your part, have no need of me. To you, I am nothing more than a fox like a hundred thousand other foxes. But if you tame me, then we shall need each other. To me, you will be unique in all the world. To you, I shall be unique in all the world... " [... ] "My life is very monotonous, " the fox said. "I hunt chickens; men hunt me. All the chickens are just alike, and all the men are just alike. And, in consequence, I am a little bored. But if you tame me, it will be as if the sun came to shine on my life. I shall know the sound of a step that will be different from all the others. Other steps send me hurrying back underneath the ground. Yours will call me, like music, out of my burrow. And then look: you see the grain-fields down yonder? I do not eat bread. Wheat is of no use to me. The wheat fields have nothing to say to me. And that is sad. But you have hair that is the color of gold. Think how wonderful that will be when you have tamed me! The grain, which is also golden, will bring me back the thought of you. And I shall love to listen to the wind in the wheat. " The Little Prince agrees and tames the fox. But when he has to leave the planet: "Ah, " said the fox, "I shall cry. " "It is your own fault, " said the little prince. "I never wished you any sort of harm; but you wanted me to tame you... " "Yes, that is so, " said the fox. "But now you are going to cry! " said the little prince. "Yes, that is so, " said the fox. "Then it has done you no good at all! " "It has done me good, " said the fox, "because of the color of the wheat fields. " And then he added: "Go and look again at the roses. You will understand now that yours is unique in all the world. Then come back to say goodbye to me, and I will make you a present of a secret. ] "Goodbye, " said the fox. "And now here is my secret, a very simple secret: It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye. " "What is essential is invisible to the eye, " the little prince repeated, so that he would be sure to remember. "It is the time you have wasted for your rose that makes your rose so important. " "It is the time I have wasted for my rose--" said the little prince, so that he would be sure to remember. "Men have forgotten this truth, " said the fox. "But you must not forget it. You become responsible, forever, for what you have tamed. You are responsible for your rose... " "I am responsible for my rose, " the little prince repeated, so that he would be sure to remember. Isn't this conversation good? I remember reading the Little Prince a long time ago and found it super sad, and now that I'm re-visiting this story again thanks to Lucien... well, I understand it better but it's still melancholic LOL. But, anyway, if we replace the Little Prince with MC and the fox with Lucien, this conversation is really interesting. See, the fox is indelibly marked by the Little Prince (like Lucien by the MC) and they have made this unique connection between them that will hurt both of them when it comes to the end. However, this pain doesn't mean their experiences wasn't worth it and that it didn't mean anything. Like the fox says, now he has these memories of the Little Prince that makes life worth living. The fox, before he met the Little Prince, found his life boring and monotonous, but now things are given meaning when they didn't have it before. On a totally random note, in [CN "In His World" Event] people have taken pictures of Lucien's shelves and now we can get an idea of his reading material. It ranges from literary classics (Ayn Rand, Oscar Wilde, Vladimir Nabokov, Charlotte Brontë, and lots of Chinese authors), to research papers (Genome-wide Polygenic Burden of Rare Deleterious Variants in Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy), to things like encyclopedias on flowers, etc. It'd probably take you years to get through his reading materials LOL. The other guys also have books in their rooms, but I don't remember them clearly. I do know that Gavin has sci-fi books though! Totally not biased. But, I'm sorry, I don't really like reading sci-fi... Third and last, the most referenced story throughout the game is probably the one Lucien made, "The Artist and the Butterfly". I feel like most of us know it by now, but I'll do a summary translation for those who haven't had the pleasure of getting [Drowning in Love SSR] and its two calls [Artist and Butterfly] and [The Only Color]. *** ACTUALLY, ON COMPARISON WITH THE ENGLISH VERSION, PLEASE IGNORE THAT ONE BECAUSE IT IS RIDDLED WITH ERRORS. ELEX PLEASE, I'M CRYING, DON'T DO LUCIEN'S CHARACTER IMPORTANT CALL LIKE THIS *** Once upon a time, in a secluded castle, there lived an artist. The artist's paintings only had two colors: black and white. It wasn't because the artist loved these two colors, but because in his eyes there were only these two colors in the world. The artist believed the world to be depressing, so all the other colors were meaningless. But, one day, a butterfly flew in front of him and the artist saw with shock that on the butterfly's wings were all sorts of beautiful colors he had never seen before. The fluttering of its wings made the colors even more lively and charming, and so the artist painted it for the entire day, never tiring. But the sensitive artist was also afraid the butterfly would one day grow tired of being beside him, and so he thought about catching the butterfly and putting it in a glass jar. Like this, the butterfly would never be able to leave him. Then, we move onto the conversation portion in [The Only Color]: Lucien: What do you think of this story? MC: Um... you can't laugh at me when I say this. Lucien: I promise I won't. MC: I feel like the artist is very relatable. Lucien:... Relatable? MC: Mhm, although I don't understand his actions, I can see that he's really stifled and sad. Now, can you tell me what happens after? Lucien: Actually, this is what happens after. Or rather, this story doesn't have an end. MC: Huh? Lucien: Are you disappointed? MC: So, not every story has an ending... Lucien: The artist continues to try and catch the butterfly, and even I don't know whether he caught it or not. If I see him again, I'll ask him for you. MC: Turns out this is a real story? Lucien: Yes. MC: If you're able to meet that artist, you have to tell him this for me. That he actually doesn't love the butterfly, does he? Lucien: Why do you not think the artist loves the butterfly? If you love someone, aren't you supposed to move heaven and earth to bind them to your side? MC: But this is too selfish. Lucien: Hah, yes, even I find it selfish. But if he doesn't do that, the artist will likely lose the butterfly. And then his life will be like how it was before; the whole world would just be black and white. MC: If he really loves the butterfly, then he wouldn't want to see them suffer. Maybe I'm too simple, but for me genuine love is simply loving that person, as an individual, and I wouldn't need a relationship with them. I'd just want them to be happy. Lucien: If you were this butterfly, and there was someone who wanted to confine you to their side so they could keep you together with them forever... would you be willing? MC: No... I don't think I'd be willing. Lucien: Indeed... exactly what I thought you would say... MC: Lucien... I want to ask you... Lucien: Mm? MC: Is this story about you? Lucien: I couldn't be the artist, and I definitely couldn't be the butterfly. But if I really did encounter the one and only color in my life, then I certainly wouldn't let them go. MC: Why? Lucien: Why?... I don't know why either... You don't need to dig to the bottom of everything. MC: Lucien, I'm a bit sleepy all of a sudden... Lucien: Sleep then. Don't be afraid, even if you have nightmares, I'll be here for you. Gods, I'm going to be endlessly salty over Elex's butchering of these calls, but whatever. WHATEVER. This is LITERALLY the story of Lucien and MC's relationship. And, with this, we are shuffled immediately into my next section. coloring each other In [New Light Date] Lucien asks "Can you teach me love? " and in [Main Story 5-6] he also asks "Then, will you change me? If we get along together. " The answer is a resounding YES. MC has changed him indelibly, like the tamed fox, and there is only one unique her in his world; he's left the same mark on her, making him the only unique Lucien in her world. In [Firefly Date] Lucien talks about how the lights of the fireflies are a danger sign to other creatures (because fireflies eat everything during their larvae form). Then in [Rainfall Date] he thinks the exact same words, that the colors he's seeing emerge into his world because of the MC are a DANGER SIGN but he cannot bring himself to care. It is not metaphorical in [Rainfall Date]. He's colorblind! The "Mo (墨)" in [Lucien's] name (许墨; Xu Mo) was once his mother's favorite word. This word represents pen and ink, a literary family, and the black and white world in his eyes. His world is black and white and only by your side can he see colors. [CN Profile Translation] Then in [Afternoon Date] there is this exchange: MC: What do I look like in your eyes? Lucien:... Colored. MC: Huh? Lucien: In my eyes... you're full of colors. So, now that we know MC literally brings color into his life, I'm going to bring back his pen, Iridescent, that he gives MC [Main Story 13-10]. It's a symbol of his love because there's a line that comes from a movie called "Flipped". The Chinese name for the movie "Flipped" is the same as the Chinese name of Lucien's [Lovestruck SSR]. “Some of us get dipped in flat, some in satin, some in gloss... [... ] But every once in a while, you find someone who's iridescent, and when you do, nothing will ever compare. ” Iridescent is how he sees MC. She literally brought the colors of a rainbow into his black and white world [Rainfall Date]. Now, when we think about his line in "The Artist and the Butterfly" we get... MAJOR ANGST. Because, contrary to his words about not letting the only color in his world go, he lets the MC go again and again and again: He doesn't catch MC in [Main Story 13]. He saves MC from Hades in [Main Story 16] and then takes advantage of the dream erasing her memories, so she'll have no ties to him or BS (until the next time they meet on the field again, I guess). Heck, to take this further, in [Memory Palace: The Night Before] Lucien traces his previously wounded eye and thinks about how he can barely remember MC's colors and he's going to lose it completely when they meet at the news conference. Then in [Main Story 16-22] MC sees his past all in black and white. Lucien has given up on keeping her colors in his world... On a side note, I also think he's giving up vividness in his world. In [Rainfall Date] it's implied that the cheerier MC is the brighter her colors are and, I assume, the colors in Lucien's world? There's an intriguing fact in his [CN Profile Translation] too where it says "His sense of taste isn't too sensitive, but it's not completely absent either. " Imagine if that fades even more when MC isn't around either (thanks to u/ughfine_ok for this sad head canon). Papergames has also mentioned that Lucien has glasses he wears to help him see colors (so he can drive safely LOL) but we don't actually see him wear them much except for when he's doing scientific stuff. Perhaps this is a sign about how little he cares about seeing colors in his world if he can't see them naturally (MC-induced colors). But, hold on, this is a section about how Lucien has equally changed MC (it's just, perhaps, more tragic and more obvious with Lucien because he only has MC, the sole color in his life, while she has three other guys she just lost a friend, mentor, and love interest). In [Blossom Date] there's an exchange where MC tells Lucien that, like how he's told her to take her time growing in front of him [Main Story 9-2], she wants him to take his time going through life. She's echoing his words (and teaching) and, in response, Lucien's eyes darken and he thinks about how he's "staining her purity in his colors". In [CN Archery Date] Lucien teaches MC how to handle and shoot a bow and they end up having a mini competition where they both hit bull's eye and get a draw. He's given her one of skills (and a piece of him) again. Lucien continuously gives MC things that he has never given anyone else: In [Snowy Night Date] he reveals his actual birthday date to MC. In [Hot Spring Date] Lucien reveals that he's never celebrated his birthdays like this, until now with her. Because they probably reminded him of his parents' accident. In [CN Nightmare's End ASMR] Lucien barely remembers his childhood memories (or his real name RIP), and yet he doesn't hesitate to share these memories with MC. Tangentially related, but I want to throw in here how Lucien and MC are described sometimes as having eyes only for each other. I'm sure there's more mentions, but I can only remember these two: [Main Story 13-8] "Lucien didn't respond. He stared at me with a complicated look and I was the only one reflected in his eyes. " [True Love Date] "The girl, with her clear black eyes opened wide, stared at him. The one who was reflected in those eyes was him alone. " My romantic and poetic explanation here is that, because they have pieces of themselves in each other, they're drawn together like magnets! I KEEP HITTING THE WORD LIMIT LOL. Please continue reading starting from my comment below... RIP.


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